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If you're having any type of repeated mechanical problem(s) with your 2013 - 2020 Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee, we encourage you to use our free auto expert question/answer feature. Please CLICK HERE to submit your question to the Lemon Law Auto Expert, Randy Sottile. His answer back to you will be kept confidential to your email address, and not shared with anyone else. Please note that Randy Sottile answers questions on 2013 - 2020 Jeep Cherokee models under factory warranty only.

Jeep Cherokee / Grand Cherokee problems and owner complaints are varied among 2013 - 2020 model years. This website provides information to consumers that can be used to alleviate the problems they may be experiencing with their Jeep Cherokee / Grand Cherokee, and/or legal remedies available to them under state lemon laws.

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(Your Jeep Cherokee is a 2013 - 2020 model-year, and under the manufacturer’s factory warranty, or it has recently expired.)

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These owner problems and complaints may include:

  • On 2013 - 2020 Jeep Cherokee’s with the new transverse-mounted 9-speed automatic transmission, many different operational malfunctions/shifting issues/reprogramming/TSB’s and more may be involved.
  • Loss of power, hard-start, engine “stalling”, no-start and other engine operational issues. Oil leaks, major engine work, PCM reprogramming, parts on national back-order.
  • Suspension and brake problems.
  • Air conditioning system problems.
  • Driver Information Center/touch screen/features malfunctions or failures. Instrument clusters wherein many different warning lights come on – and stay on.
  • Tire Pressure warning light is illuminated, or SRS/airbag warning lights for its safety systems.
  • Transmission problems illuminating warning lights. Transmission shifting/operational issues. TCM replacement/reprogramming.
  • Steering/power steering/ alignment/pulling problems.

Many Jeep dealers are performing “software updates” to the engine and transmission systems on the newer Cherokee models, as well as issuing numerous TSB’s (Technical Service Bulletins).

Here is what some dealers are doing in an attempt to correct the issues with these vehicles:

  • “Clearing” DTC’s (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)
  • Updating software to the engine and/or transmission computer
  • Contacting Jeep Technical Support HOTLINE.
  • Performing TSB’s (Technical Service Bulletins) or NHTSA mandated Safety Recalls.
Contacting/referencing Jeep’s online dealers shop information system awaiting further instructions from Jeep Technical Support HOTLINE for problems that cannot be remedied by the above, or simply that Jeep has the issue “under investigation”, but with no current fix available.

Yes, you can do something about this, whether the vehicle is currently fixed or not!

If you own/lease a 2013 - 2020 Jeep Cherokee / Grand Cherokee (whether the issue(s) are/is fixed or not), you live in California, and you have 3 or more documented warranty repair orders where you have complained about the same issue, your vehicle has spent excessive time in the dealers shop for warranty repairs, or you have a combination of many warranty repair issues/repair visits, we encourage you to call our law firm at:


Your Jeep Cherokee may qualify for a buyback under the California Lemon Law, or you may be entitled to substantial cash compensation in the thousands of dollars.  In California, your attorney’s fees are billed to the automobile manufacturer. You can call us, or use our convenient free case evaluation form above. Either way, you don’t have to put up with a vehicle that does not drive/operate correctly, or is unsafe!

If your case qualifies, you are entitled under the law to a buyback or substantial monetary compensation!
(You can have a lemon law case whether the repair visits have solved the problems or not.)

It should be noted that Jeep (Chrysler Group, LLC) makes some of the most competitive, high-quality vehicles currently on the market. Not all 2013 - 2020 Jeep Cherokee owners will have a vehicle that displays problems. This advertisement is directed only to owners who are having – or have had – repeated warranty repair problems with their 2013 - 2020 Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee vehicles.

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